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Sperling Vineyards
October 5, 2021 | Sperling Vineyards

A Snapshot of Harvest + Amber Pre-Sale!

Hi Sperling friends, 

Since our last newsletter, we’ve been busy harvesting each vineyard block at our heritage vineyard on Casorso Road, on the East-Kelowna-Slopes.  Harvesting is done by hand which means that each cluster is cut from the vine with harvest shears and then placed whole in a picking pail.  When the pails are full, they are gently tipped to bins and moved out of the vine-rows to the “crush pad”.  After weighing, the grapes are tipped to the sorting table where they are graded before moving to the destemmer.  We prefer the gentlest handling possible so we don’t actually “crush” our grapes but move them to the fermenter or press by gravity.  Gently handling early in the winemaking process means less intervention later in the wines’ evolution.

Watch the Labyrinth Grow

In early September and regularly throughout the fall, the Vidal grapes in our Labyrinth vineyard were serenaded, along with our guests, by the Major Mambo Latin Quartet. We love hosting events under the tent, in the middle of the vines. There’s something about the energy of the Labyrinth, combined with music and laughter, that makes it such a welcoming, calming space. 


As you can see in the Labyrinth images above, the full clusters are transformed from green hard berries to softening yellows and gold.  The Vidal grapes in the Labyrinth vineyard will be harvested by the end of October. You’ll notice that for now, they are covered in protective netting to keep the grapes from hungry wildlife, mostly birds -- robins and starlings-- but may include deer, raccoons and even bears. Each grape variety requires a specific length of season to mature and ripen, however optimal harvest date is determined by tasting, as well as supporting lab tests for sugar content, and acidity.  

Amber Pinot Gris Pre-sale

The music can be heard down the block, drawing the neighbours in to investigate. It’s an old fashioned barbecue, one of those spontaneous late-summer events with family and friends. Crowded on the table, fruit trays, jars of mustard and a big bowl of cranberry punch. I’m dancing with the old folks, swinging around to the blasting radio. You’re at the grill, taking orders, taking swigs, and flipping dogs.

That is the story of our natural, Amber Pinot Gris...like so many things in the past year, this wine has gone viral. We’re trying something new and offering the 2021 vintage for pre-sale - this means you order now before the wine is actually released to avoid missing out on this exciting wine. Please sign up to our newsletter now so you are notified when the presale goes live. Amber Pinot Gris is part of our Vision series of wines. This series is our winemaker’s playground, and Ann Sperling plays in the big leagues as a driving force in the establishment of serious skin fermented white wines in Canada. Our Instagram video shows the beauty of our 2021 Amber Pinot Gris - we keep it in contact with the skins and stems for 3-4 weeks, followed by pressing.

Sperling Wine Clubs

The best way to get your hands on wines that sell out quickly, like our Amber Pinot Gris, is to join one of our two wine clubs. Our clubs give you access to exclusive wines and library back vintage releases that may not be  regularly available to all customers. You will also be invited to exclusive club events. Each shipment contains bonus gifts and insider information about the wines you receive. As a club member you receive 10% off of your purchases, online or instore. The greatest thing about the club is the chance to build an insider relationship with our team.  

Our Vision Wine Club is inspired by learning, passion projects, small lots and library wines. This club is designed for wine geeks, collectors and new wine lovers alike. This is a 6 bottle club, shipped 3 times/year. 

Our Labyrinth Wine Club focuses on the best of the Vision, Heritage, and Market series of wines. This is a 12 bottle club (plus a bonus bottle), shipped 2 times/year. These shipments include some wines for the cellar, some for celebrating, and some for today!

All of our wines are from our single estate vineyard and are certified organic - 100% British Columbia! Sign up today to enjoy our next shipment in the coming weeks.

Thanksgiving Explorer Pack

Enjoy this explorer pack of 6 wines, curated for the curious wine lover. Perfect for the Thanksgiving table, these wines will allow you to explore food and wine pairings while enjoying time with family and friends. 

This offer Includes 6 bottles, one each of: 



2016 CHARDONNAY - perfect with scalloped potatoes

2016 OLV VINES RIESLING - amazing with turkey, or give it a try with a not-too-sweet dessert

2020 FAMILY ROSE - try it with everything, we love rosé for the pairing versatility

2018 PINOT NOIR - wonderful with turkey, be sure to try it with stuffing too

2017 OLD VINES FOCH - enjoy with grilled meats and veggies like portobellos

2010 LATE HARVEST PINOT GRIS - this is a 375ml bottle that continues to taste fresh and delicious over a decade later! Delicious alongside a cheese plate.

Club Price: $176.40 | Regular Price: $196.00

Make your order a 12 bottle case and enjoy free shipping in BC and a flat rate $20 shipping elsewhere in Canada. 

Visit Us

We love welcoming visitors to the winery during the fall. It is a beautiful time of year and the pace is a little less frantic than in the high-tourist season of summer. Wander the Labyrinth, and enjoy the wines at your own pace. Soon the leaves will glow a golden hue.

Our current tasting hours are 10am - 6pm. Reserve your tasting online. If you can’t visit us in person, you can always order online and have our wines shipped directly to your door. 


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