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Riesling Bundle

Riesling Bundle
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Our Dry Riesling and Old Vines Riesling wines are fun to explore, compare, and play around with food pairings. Order this 6 bottle bundle (3 of each Riesling) and have some fun! These wines age wonderfully so we encourage you to lay a couple of bottles of each one down for the future.

We make two styles of Riesling from our vineyard, our Old Vines Riesling and our Dry Riesling. The Old Vines is off-dry and as the name indicates, the Dry Riesling is dry. They are grown on fine mineralogical clay, high in calcium and with minerals providing ideal conditions for fine Riesling while conveying mineral-supported structure to the wines. When the soil  is paired with the warm Okanagan summer days and cool nights this provides ideal conditions for our Rieslings. Our vineyard has been continuously owned, loved, and farmed by our family for decades. The original Clone 21 Riesling vines in our vineyard came from Mosel, Germany and were planted by our family in 1978.

Both of these wines are:

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Small lot (200 cases each)
  • Grown using regenerative agricultural practices
  • Hand picked
  • Made in the vineyard - meaning we let the terroir tell the story and use a gentle winemaking hand

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