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Spring Mixed-Pack

Spring Mixed-Pack
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Gather your loved ones or your pals together and enjoy this 6 bottle mixed-pack of wines. The bottles included are perfect for a home spa night, a pizza and movie marathon, or to throw on some tunes and enjoy a family dance party.

This mixed 6 pack includes one bottle each of:

  • 2019 Campbell Kind Piot Blanc
    • Campbell Kind Wine, ensures this wine is carbon neutral in the hands of consumers.
  • 2017 Old Vine Pinots
    • An organic selection of Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc from 35 year old vines.
  • 2020 Pinot Noir Rose
    • Made from Pinot Noir clone 777, this block is favoured for its slightly darker skinned berries and strawberry and bramble fruit aromas.
  • 2018 Old Vines Foch Reserve
    • Very old vines, planted in the 1960s on gravelly soil with amazingly deep roots, this fruit is small berried, dark and rich but never jammy.
  • 2019 Market Red
    • Made from earlier harvested Foch from old vines, blended with judicious amounts of Pinot.
  • 2020 Ruby Pet Nat
    • An organic RED bubbly! We fermented whole clusters of Old Vines Foch for 5 days, then pressed, and blended in a bit of Pinot Noir.

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